CBL International Limited is the listing vehicle of the Banle Group.  It is the 100% owner of Banle International Group Limited which in turn wholly owns all the underlying subsidiaries.  CBL International Limited, Banle International Group Limited and all its subsidiaries are collectively termed as the "Banle Group".

Banle Group is a fast-growing bunkering facilitator providing ship owners/operators with one-stop solutions for vessel refueling.  It was founded in 2015 by a team of bunkering professionals who determined to create a business based on years of experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry. 

Banle Group is currently geographically focusing on Asia Pacific with its business activities taken place in the major ports of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea and other places in the region.  It is at present capable to make available supply of marine fuel to its customers in 36 key ports in countries of this region, making Banle Group one of the few bunkering facilitators in this part of the world that provides network-based services.

Major customers of the Group are the world’s top container liner operators whose vessels from time to time require bunker refueling when they are sailing along their routes. The market is huge and provides ample business opportunities for the Banle Group to further expand after achieving years of revenue growth since its commencement of business.  Apart from the solidification of business relationship, Banle Group also earns good reputation in the market as many of the top class international container liner operators highly recognize the professionalism and reliability of the Banle Group in the bunkering industry.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of Banle Group as a problem solver has become even more prominent.  It successfully assisted its customers to overcome numerous refueling difficulties brought about by the everchanging environment, such as, changes of government policy, port disturbances and/or emergencies that frequently happened during that such period.

With its supply network covering Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China as well as other places in South East Asia, Banle Group will, as always, continue to provide customers with the best quality services, and no matter how unfavorable of the current circumstance will be, Banle Group will be its customers’ best partner in overcoming such difficulties by its capability to provide contingency solution.

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